Hog Roast

“We provide these sample menus to give you some idea of what we can provide and in most cases an example cost per head, however, everything is adjustable and negotiable, so feel free to take a look, but also feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.” Andy Beck MD
Hog Roasts Available for Guests : 50-70, 70 -100, 100-130 Mixed Meat Roast on Spit Available for Guests : 50-60 Top Side of Beef, Gammon, Boned Leg of Pork, Turkey Rotisserie Chicken or Ribs Veggie Options to go along side Giant Mushroom filled with Onion, Cheery Toms Basil & topped with Helium Cheese Stuffed Peppers with Wild Rice Mushroom Red Onion Garlic & Sweet Chilli Cold Stuffing Apple Sauce Homemade Coleslaw French Bread or Floued Baps POA
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